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Breeding Pot Belly Pigs

As there are many, many pot belly pigs abandoned at sanctuaries, rescue centers, and even the side of the road, breeding these little pet pigs is not recommended. A lot of people do, however, simply because they want to raise a baby pot-bellied pig from birth. Or, they buy from a breeder for the same reason. But, did you know that quite a few pregnant pot belly pig sows (females) show up at these sanctuaries and rescue centers? After birth, they have to find homes for each piglet!

So, before you decide to breed these unique little pet pigs, think about it. Are you ready to assist your pregnant pot belly pig through labor? Are you fully prepared to give this entire litter a forever home? Will you be able to give each the attention and love a pot belly pig deserves? If you can answer these questions with a firm yes, then you are ready! Read on for some tips on breeding pot bellied pigs helping them through labor.

Pot Bellied Pig Pregnancy

Determining If She is: She will not come back into estrus (heat) at her normal time, and/or ultrasound Gestation: Approximately 115 days Litter Size: 1 – 12

What to Have on Hand

  • Gloves
  • KY Jelly
  • Scissors
  • Rags/Towels
  • Iodine and a Shot Glass or Cotton Ball
  • Goat Milk

Signs of Impending Labor

  • Her vulva will begin to swell: 4 – 5 days before
  • Visually see a milk line form along her teats
  • Restlessness
  • Nesting
  • Any unusual behavior


Don’t panic, there are rarely complications. Usually, nature takes care of everything. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to be on hand and prepared to assist your pregnant pot belly pig if needed.

Also, pigs in general are not the best moms, so remove each little pot bellied piglet as it’s born so she doesn’t lie on the baby and smother it! Once she’s passed the afterbirth, return the babies to her.

Now you have a little family of pot belly pigs! This is a big responsibility: providing love, attention, care, and training for however many piglets your little pet pig has. Have fun! It may be challenging work, butt breeding pot bellied pigs is ultimately very rewarding.